Best Countries to Buy Property (Retirement or Investment)


Buying property abroad can be an attractive option for those looking to invest or those who have found the best vacation spot and want to retire permanently or live in the country.

But keep in mind that every state has the right to place restrictions on non-citizens who want to own real estate. Even if the country you are interested in allows foreigners to buy homes, you may be required to obtain special residence permits or register with a government agency before you can complete a home purchase.

However, whether you are looking to buy a vacation home, a place to expand your retirement savings, cultural enrichment, or just a good investment opportunity, the countries mentioned in this article are some of the best countries to buy real estate for investors and retirees alike.

15 Best Countries to Buy Property in 2022 

Best Countries to Buy Property (Retirement or Investment):

1. chile stars and wine

Chile from the south and all the way to the South Pole its property costs remain low compared to those in the United States and Europe due to the global pandemic and the weakness of the Chilean peso over the past few years. 

The only restrictions imposed on foreign property buyers are moreover you will pay less tax in border areas and get almost the same amount of benefits as local citizens but keep in mind if you are going to work with a realtor you should know that most of the real estate owners in Chile cover relatively small areas And if you are not a Spanish speaker it will be slow.

Best Countries to Buy Property (Retirement or Investment)

2. Dominican republic

The Dominican Republic is the most visited country in the Caribbean. This country is famous for its northern coastal beaches. It is one of the best places in the world for windsurfing and kitesurfing. While the popularity of its pristine beaches is what draws attention to the fact that the real estate market is also gaining momentum for good reason.

Prices compared to other properties in the Caribbean If you are thinking of buying vacation homes or retiring near the beach, the Dominican Republic is a good investment option but be careful before buying property, the first thing you need to do is to hire a real estate attorney, which is a lot of fraud by agents Real estate in the country because they are not licensed or subject to control by the government.

Dominican republic

3 Ecuador

Ecuador has something for everyone whether you are a person in the jungle or a person on the beach, you can choose and shape what suits you in your ideal lifestyle in this way there are no restrictions for foreigners who want to invest in real estate, thus foreigners like Ecuadorians have the right to have real estate anywhere. Furthermore, the relatively low cost of living, access to affordable health and care, and the US dollar-based economy make Ecuador a popular destination for North American second home buyers and retirees.

4. Italy - The slow art of living

When talking about Italy, the first thing that comes to mind is the country’s distinctive cuisine, beautiful and exciting views of the culture, and fascinating history, and the real estate market is very stable. 

What makes Italy a bit unique is the wide range of property types that are available on the market, rope chalets, beach houses, country properties, homes, and rural apartments are widely available all over the country On top of that, it's full of abandoned homes for sale for euros and other unpopular country estates which may or may not be as much of a bargain once all is said and done but if you're not in the market for a major renovation project in a remote area the good news is that You're likely to get a good deal no matter what type of property or location you're interested in. On the downside, there are some restrictions on who can and who can't buy property in Italy but it is largely seen that there are no state restrictions.

5. Turkey - one of the best value-for-money destinations

Turkey, with its amazing climatic and historical nature, has always been a desirable destination for foreigners to buy real estate, and the continuous depreciation of its currency, the lira, has made it one of the cheapest real estate markets in the world. Tourism is another selling point for Turkey, which makes Turkey a viable destination for a vacation abroad Thousands of retirees have bought homes in Turkey, and real estate prices are low, which is a big temptation, bearing in mind that when you buy real estate in a country, you are not only investing in a physical structure or a piece of land, you are also betting on the future of the state currency and the lira is not worth gambling at the present time. 

On the other hand, the purchase tax or property tax d is as low as 0.1 percent to 0.4 percent of the selling price.

6. Panama Land of Opportunity

  • From the remaining islands of Bocas del Toro to the towering skyscrapers of Panama City.

  • Panama is an idyllic island with cosmopolitan cityscapes where tradition contrasts with modernity In Panama you can buy first-class real estate at lower prices than in other countries plus service and maintenance costs are not high end if the home belongs to a condominium usually the amenities are exclusive and the luxury foreigner who When buying a property in Panama, they are given the same property rights as the residents of Panama, which is why many people of retirement age choose this country to live in peace while maintaining a good standard of living.

  • Furthermore, anyone who invests more than $300,000 in real estate in Panama can immediately become a resident and apply for citizenship after five years.

7. Bulgarian

Bulgarian variety of choices from beach towns, vibrant ski resorts, and beautiful countryside for vacation or resettlement.

Bulgarian legislation provides an opportunity to obtain a residence permit for foreigners under a simplified scheme to obtain a residence permit.

Recently, the state has also allowed foreign investors to buy commercial real estate and agricultural land. In addition, the property tax is one of the lowest in Europe, at about 0.15 percent annually.

8. Mexico Live simply and at an affordable cost

Mexico is a beautiful and diverse country. Its geography ranges from beautiful beaches. There are many unique locations that make the country attractive for all property buyers, local and foreign, to cooler mountain regions and foreigners. Whether your dream involves beach retirement, a Del Carmen apartment in vibrant Merida, or whatever. Between them but for most foreign buyers.

The topic of a prop buying party in Mexico has been a source of a lot of confusion over the years but things have changed and the two most important things to consider when buying a property in Mexico are your property insurance policy and a bank trust or faith These two documents will ensure that you get to enjoy all the benefits of real estate ownership with as little worry as possible.

9. Slovenia

  • Slovenia is located in the center of Europe. Slovenia is one of the most beautiful destinations, so it is no wonder that it is quickly becoming a hotspot in the field of real estate, as it enjoys a distinguished geostrategic location.

  • Slovenia is located at the crossroads of the European neighbor from the capital Ljubljana, you need about an hour's drive to all the neighboring countries. From any of these countries, the patient can buy a property if they have started a business in the country or also if they are married to a Slovenian citizen.

  • Keep in mind that real estate prices in Slovenia are rising rapidly, especially on the Adriatic coast in Slovenia, which is less than 30 kilometers.

10. Malaysia Asia's largest retirement destination

Malaysia is the friendliest country in Southeast Asia in terms of buying real estate, unlike Thailand and Vietnam, where anyone can access any type of real estate with us, including buying land, and with the transformation of Kuala Lumpur into a global hub for employment, companies have become attractive to young professionals.

In addition to the more traditional expatriates of retirees plus buyers in Malaysia have more cities to choose from where foreigners can own the land where you can own a condominium in Kuala Lumpur or buy a detached house also in its countryside according to your need but the minimum purchase requirements for foreign buyers are actually About two hundred thirty thousand dollars.

11. Greece - the best combination of culture and tradition

Greece is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world along the coast where you will enjoy the beautiful sunshine of the Mediterranean Sea. The interior parts of the country are also rich in the history of culture and arts.

Thus, renting holiday homes or permanent places for your family to enjoy the Greek real estate market offers a wealth of opportunities to make the most of these attractive advantages.

In addition, Greece does not have any limits on the sponsorship of foreigners who buy real estate, but you will need a visa if you plan to live permanently in your new home. Most people choose the Greek Golden Visa Program. It grants residency to applicants and their families for five years, renewable with a real estate investment of €250,000.

12. France: The importance of making full use of life

France has always been a popular place to invest abroad esters to buy real estate What's more, with its carefully controlled lending climate and the absence of boom and bust trends in the real estate market, it has been less affected by the global pandemic than many of its neighbors.

Whether you want to buy in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, or any smaller city in Bain, you will find a large number of options in properties for sale, ranging from large estates to small apartments and undeveloped rural plots. In the countryside, there are vineyards and lavender fields like Provence.

The Mediterranean is on the doorstep but for 15,000 euros you can have an interest in Montpellier or a country cottage or a village estate of land in good condition.

13. the United Arab Emirates Retire in style in the sunniest destination

The United Arab EmiratesIt has always been one of the most prestigious places to buy real estate for investors and retirees alike, especially in its two main cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Foreigners are granted title deeds of residential units for a period of 99 years, which allows them to completely dispose of the apartments and villas they buy, along with the real estate market offers in it beneficial investment opportunities and tax incentives for those who are considering buying real estate in the UAE.

14. Spain is the country with the highest cultural level and wonderful climate

  • Spain has always been and remains one of the ideal countries for foreign property buyers whether to invest in holiday homes or to live a high quality of life.

  • Stunning cultural diversity and delicious cuisine It is no wonder why so many foreigners are flocking to Spanish real estate In fact, foreigners represent 25% of the real estate market in Spain while an investment of €500,000 in real estate can give you or your family.

  • residency which can be determined every two years after five years it is possible ga in permanent residence and after 10 years of citizenship furthermore, it is not necessary to live in Spain in order to keep and renew the residence permit.

15. Portugal - The best multi-level player

Portugal's popularity in Portugal continues steadily thanks to the quality of life, the golden visa program, and the way the country's economy depends, slowly and steadily recovering amid the pandemic, which means it maintains its number one position as a great real estate investment for 2022.

Its enchanting golden weather, lush green landscapes and famous cities mean they are bursting with a variety of uses and there is something for everyone in Portugal Another reason why owning property in Portugal has become so attractive is due to the huge number of tourists who visit Portugal every year which makes renting homes as holiday homes for short periods a good source. Income due to the high demand for residence throughout the year.

Top 15 Countries to Retire or Invest - Summary

These are the top 15 international destinations for retirement or investment. We hope the helpful and verifiable information we've provided will help you narrow down the alternatives available to you for the perfect retirement vacation abroad.

Of course, nothing beats visiting and experiencing these destinations in person. In the meantime, please contact us if you have any questions about any of the entries on this list. As you can see, we have a large and loyal community of past readers, and we will gladly connect you with the right people for further information.

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