FIFA interacts with the lawyers' complaint in Morocco


The Lawyers Club in Morocco received a correspondence from the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), confirming its receipt of the complaint submitted by Moroccan lawyers regarding the events that took place in the opening ceremony of the African Cup of Nations for local players (Al-Shaan), and related to the passing of political messages and racist chants against Morocco.

FIFA interacts with the complaints of lawyers in Morocco because of Mandela's grandson
FIFA interacts with the lawyers' complaint in Morocco

Murad Al-Agoti, president of the Lawyers Club in Morocco, confirmed, in a statement singled out by “Hesport”, that he had received a correspondence from the body that is the guardian of the world football, which will decide on the matter during the coming period, stressing that the organizing committee of the “affair” violated the requirements of Article 60 of the regulations. FIFA, which absolutely prohibits “promoting or advertising political and religious messages, as well as political and religious actions inside or near the stadium, by any means before, during and after matches.”

The same spokesman added: “The speed of FIFA’s interaction with the complaint of the Lawyers’ Club in Morocco indicates the seriousness of the legal arguments presented by us, as we submitted an integrated file that includes all legal violations of FIFA’s regulations during the opening ceremony of the matter, and the evidence supporting that.” He continued: “I think that the Royal Moroccan University She also carried out legal procedures before various continental and international football bodies, and she will follow up on this file.

This comes after the host country involved the issue of the Moroccan Sahara in this sports competition, by using Nelson Mandela's grandson to promote its political discourse, in addition to chanting racist slogans against Moroccans by some Algerian fans.

In its correspondence, “FIFA” confirmed the legal capacity of the Lawyers Club to file a complaint before its judicial bodies, in accordance with the requirements of the second paragraph of Article 52 of the Disciplinary Code, which states that “any person or body may draw the attention of the judicial bodies of FIFA to behavior that it considers contrary to FIFA regulations, provided that the allegations are in writing.”

The correspondent indicated that the Disciplinary Committee began investigating the case, based on a complaint by the Lawyers Club on the 19th of this month, while the file bears the number FDD-13973; They are the references that concern the disciplinary decisions of FIFA.

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