The Lions team attracts professional players in European leagues after the World Cup achievement


The first Moroccan national football team has become an attraction for all professional players on the European continent, after the distinguished results it achieved in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which would enhance the sporting competitiveness that was absent from the “Atlas Lions” in the last two decades.

The Lions team attracts professional players in European leagues
The Lions team attracts professional players in European leagues after the World Cup achievement

And a group of international media reports talked about the desire of a number of Moroccan football talents in the “old continent” to carry the shirt of the first national football team; Such as Barcelona defender Shadi Riyad, Saint-Etienne winger Benjamin Bouchouari, and Dutch Eindhoven player Ismail Sibari.

National voter Walid Regragui, along with his technical staff, continues to hold technical meetings aimed at preparing for the next camp next March, in preparation for the African Cup of Nations, in which the Moroccan national team aspires to achieve positive results that consolidate its continental distinction.

A number of sports actors interested in Moroccan football praised the communication strategy adopted by “Rabban Al-Aswad”, who supported sports competitiveness in all playing centers, which prompted all professional players abroad to provide a greater return for the opportunity to wear the national team shirt.

The first Moroccan national football team has always suffered from the absence of sports discipline in clothing stores and training camps in the past periods, in addition to some players maintaining permanent official status in all football competitions, which caused the emergence of internal blocs among the players.

Youssef Al-Tasmani, a sports expert residing in the Kingdom of Spain, said in this context that “a number of professional players in European leagues of Moroccan origin have expressed their intention to represent the first national football team in the upcoming sporting events after the historical results in the Qatar World Cup.”

Al-Tasmani added, in a statement to the electronic newspaper Hespress, that "today's team is not the team of yesterday, after Walid Al-Rakraki was appointed at the head of the technical crossbar of the Atlas Lions," noting that "the team was floundering in internal conflicts between the technical team, the university and the masses."

And the same expert added that “the fraternal and family spirit that prevailed in the Moroccan national football team during the era of Walid Rekragui motivated Moroccan players playing in European leagues to go through this experience,” stressing that “Morocco ranked as the fourth strongest team in the world after the end of the World Cup in Qatar.”

The same spokesman pointed out that “the national team did not live this atmosphere of cohesion over the past periods, as we have never witnessed the compatibility between the Royal Football League, the coach, the technical staff, the players and the fans,” stressing that “the Moroccan national team defeated football teams known for their expertise and experience, which will pay Moroccan international players to dream of carrying his shirt.”

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