The coronation of Ashraf Hakimi, the best Arab athlete


Achraf Hakimi is the best Arab athlete

A short time ago, the Moroccan player, Ashraf Hakimi, was crowned the Best Arab Athlete, as part of the “Joy Awards” event in the 2023 session held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Ashraf Hakimi, the best Arab athlete
The coronation of Ashraf Hakimi, the best Arab athlete

Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the General Authority for Entertainment, announced, on Saturday night in Saudi Arabia, that Hakimi won in the category of the favorite Arab athlete by the public vote, indicating that Hakimi deservedly deserved it.

For his part, the Moroccan international and the star of the national team in the Qatar World Cup, in a speech on the sidelines of his award, expressed his great happiness at being in a special country dear to his heart. He thanked Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh for his invitation and his mother, who supports him in his path, adding that he feels the pride and love he receives from the audience. He also thanked his team, Paris Saint-Germain, and his country, Morocco.

It is worth noting that Hakimi caught the eye the moment he ascended to receive the coronation shield, as he accompanied his mother, who in turn shone in the Moroccan robes in a demonstration that is the largest of its kind in the Middle East, which celebrates celebrities from various fields.

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