Paris Saint-Germain coach sends a message to Hakimi


Christophe Galtier, French football coach of Paris Saint-Germain, sent a motivational message to Moroccan international Ashraf Hakimi, the right-back of the representative of the Capital of Lights, before the startof the "Ligue 1" competition's second round.'

Paris Saint-Germain sends a message to Hakimi
Paris Saint-Germain coach sends a message to Hakimi

Galtier said, in statements highlighted by the French “RMC Sport” network, that “Hakimi presented a very good level in the last World Cup finals. I think he did a great first half of the season.”

The Paris Saint-Germain French football coach added: “Hakimi has adapted to more than one different plan, and he is a player I relied on a lot, and he also knows that he can perform the best.”

And the same spokesman continued: “I am sure that Hakimi will perform distinguishedly, in the second half of the current season.”

The Moroccan international, Ashraf Hakimi, is considered one of the most prominent players of the French club Paris Saint-Germain, and one of the best names in his position at the global level.

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