Regragui: The confrontation between Wydad and Al-Hilal is a "trap"


Walid Regragui, the coach of the first Moroccan national football team, considered the confrontation that will bring Wydad Athletic against its Saudi counterpart Al-Hilal in the quarter-finals of the Club World Cup as a "trap", stressing that the victory of the "red" team in the match would bring it closer to the final of the tournament.

Al-Hilal, a sizable club with significant potential on the Asian peninsula, is compared to Real Madrid, and its matchup with Wydad will be competitive.

The confrontation between Wydad and Al Hilal is a trap
Regragui The confrontation between Wydad and Al-Hilal is a trap

Wydad has supporters and elite players, too, he continued, so hosting the summit in Morocco would be in Wydad's best interests.

Regarding the names of the players he sees as official in Wydad, Rekragui said: “The matter will not change much from last season. good.”

Al-Hassouni might exhibit his talent more during the World Cup, he continued. Wydad has a solid group, and he has added more people to its membership. A trap lies on Al-path. Hilal's He will be on the verge of facing Real Madrid in the final if Wydad passes him.

And he added, saying, "Everyone will find that Wydad has an excellent audience that is on par with, if not better than, South American supporters. I spent a fantastic season with him, and Casablanca is a football-mad city.

"After our busy World Cup career, it is good to watch the Club World Cup in Morocco," he continued. Everyone will find good stadiums and crowds.

Real Madrid is the best club in the world, crowned with numerous titles, and is consistently present on significant days, as the captain of the "Atlas Lions" noted. He is a winner at heart. Hosting this club is a big honor for Morocco, and Spanish football has a sizable fan base there.

Between February 1 and February 11, the Kingdom of Morocco will host the FIFA Club World Cup between the towns of Tangier and Rabat.

It is noteworthy that this version of the “Mondialito” will witness the participation of 7 clubs, and the matter relates to each of Wydad Athletic Club, Al-Ahly Club of Egypt, Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia, Spanish Real Madrid, Brazilian Flamengo, New Zealand’s Auckland City and the American Seattle Sauders.

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