A Dutch geologist predicted the earthquake in Turkey: it will affect the entire region


After his predictions caused a sensation on social media and in the scientific community alike, the Dutch earthquake researcher Frank Hogerbets stirred up controversy again, revealing that the entire region is repositioning and reshaping after the violent earthquake that struck Turkey.

A Dutch geologist predicted the earthquake in Turkey

He revealed that the large earthquakes in central Turkey caused a significant change in the pressure distribution throughout the region, accompanied by seismic activity all the way to Palestine, pointing out that the region is repositioning.

The new statements came after social media was buzzing with the Dutch scientist's tweet, in which he "predicted" the disaster in the smallest details before it occurred, in a tweet he posted on his Twitter account days before the disaster.

He predicted an earthquake

The story began when, on February 3, he posted a tweet, in which he wrote, "Sooner or later, there will be a 7.5-magnitude earthquake that will hit south-central Turkey, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon."

However, the Dutch researcher tried to explain his tweet and the truth of what happened, stressing that earthquakes tend to occur when planets reach specific locations in the solar system, noting that earthquakes cannot be predicted.

It is noteworthy that the death toll from the earthquake rose to more than 9,800 today, while the number of injured reached about 38,000 in both Turkey and Syria.

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