"CAF" promises to deal with the file of Morocco and "the affair"


Patrice Motsepe, President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), confirmed that the file of Morocco’s non-participation in the seventh edition of the African Championship for Local Players (Al-Shan), which concludes today in Algeria, “will be dealt with in a fair and equitable manner.”

On the eve of the start of the tournament, the Royal Moroccan Football League announced the absence of the “Atlas Lions” from the “Shan Algeria”, after the Algerian authorities refused to provide a direct air route for the Moroccan delegation to transport it from Rabat to the city of Constantine, in eastern Algeria.

Motsepe said, in a press conference today, Saturday, at the “Nelson Mandela” stadium in the Algerian capital, hours before the final of the championship between Algeria and Senegal: “Without going into political matters, as president of CAF, I hope that all countries participate in all African competitions.”

"CAF" promises to deal with the file of Morocco and

The same spokesman added: “We will deal with the file of Morocco’s non-participation in the matter in a fair and equitable manner, and there is no country that is not held accountable because of sympathy or courtesy.” He continued: “The General Secretariat of CAF must investigate and do what it must regarding Morocco’s non-participation in the matter. All countries must respect CAF and FIFA laws.”

The official in charge of African football explained: “Algeria has its sovereignty, and it is not possible to interfere in its decisions, and our football body must remain far from all political calculations, and not involve it in such situations.”

On the other hand, Motsepe pointed out the importance of deliberating in hosting the African Nations Cup, and trying to give opportunities to all CAF member states to develop their infrastructure, and pointed out that CAF will take an independent and reliable decision regarding the 2025 African Cup of Nations after careful evaluation, highlighting The 2027 edition will not be in the same region hosting the 2025 edition.

“We must focus on how we can use football to build our people and unite Africa, and we will see beautiful football today,” concluded the CAF President.

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