Coach "West Ham" praises defender Akrd


West Ham United coach David Moyes said that his team's defense has become strong with the presence of Moroccan international Nayef Akrad.

And Moyes revealed, in press statements reported by British newspapers, that the level of West Ham's defense improved significantly after Akrd returned to the stadiums and joined the ranks of the team after his absence due to a previous injury.

West Ham praises defender Akrd
Coach "West Ham" praises defender Akrd

And the same spokesman highlighted that Akord is a mainstay of the team's defense, and his level is the best in this position at the moment, and he is developing remarkably in every match, and the best evidence is that he won the best player award yesterday against Newcastle in the league.

He continued, saying: “We lost Nayef for six months at the start of the season due to injury. He has not played much until now; But he is a player who is confident in himself and has unlimited ambition.”

He added, “I think the results have improved since his return. There is a big difference between yesterday and today. If he had not been injured, we would have been among the advanced positions.”

Akrd played 10 matches with West Ham in the various competitions in which he participated, after returning from a serious ankle injury, after which he underwent a successful surgery; Then he was one of the makers of the event with the Moroccan national team in the World Cup (Qatar 2022), and finished fourth with him.

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