Failure threatens Ziyech's move to Paris


Many press reports unanimously agreed that the Moroccan international transfer deal, Hakim Ziyech, the Chelsea player, to Paris Saint-Germain, is in danger of collapse.

And the French newspaper “L’Equipe” stated that the “Blues” management did not send the papers related to Ziyech’s departure at the specified time.

Ziyech moved to Paris
Failure threatens Ziyech's move to Paris

The same reports added that the “London” team sent Hakim Ziyech’s papers incorrectly 3 times, in order to block the deal.

And the same sources stressed that the “Parisian” team will file an appeal with the French Football League, this morning, in order to approve Ziyech’s registration.

It should be noted that the Chelsea and Saint-Germain teams had reached a final agreement regarding the transfer of Ziyech during the winter “Mercato” that ended at midnight on January 31.

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