New procedures from “Tik Tok” to control the quality of content


The TikTok social media platform announced new procedures that will be followed on the platform to control the quality of content.

According to the available information, those in charge of TikTok are trying, through new procedures, to make things easier for bloggers and give them more data about what is happening to their accounts, and for this, the developers have created an updated “account verification system”, through which content makers will be able to verify whether their posts will not be published. Deleted for violating platform rules.

New procedures from “Tik Tok” to control
New procedures from “Tik Tok” to control the quality of content

If a user receives the maximum number of warnings allowed under the new rules, his TikTok account will be banned if it is determined that the violations were "serious." Under the new procedures, the content creator will receive a warning from TikTok that his post will be removed from the platform if it violates the general rules.

The "Account Status" section of the TikTok app's "Safety Center" will now include a function that allows content creators to track blocked content that has been blocked in the past 90 days.

TikTok said in an online post, "TikTok is an entertainment platform based on creativity and self-expression and the sincerity with which content creators make original content... If users violate our policies, we take action on their content and accounts, so we can keep our platform safe."

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