Shock in Europe after discovering the use of "pregnant lice" in the manufacture of the most famous chocolate for years!


The European Union's approval of the use of insect powder as an alternative to a protein caused a state of controversy, but what seems strange to many has been a tangible reality for years, as these products are widely available in shops.

Some people feel disgusted, and others want to experience it. Cockroaches and worms may really be an ideal substitute for protein, according to experts, but what few people know is that some insects, such as lice, have already been used by food companies for a long time.

discovering the use of "pregnant lice" in the manufacture of the most famous chocolate

These insects are found in many products that do not appear to be completely animal products, as they are also consumed by vegans, and chocolate products in particular often contain these unexpected ingredients.

And recently, the chocolate manufacturer "Ritter Sport" surprised its followers through a post on "Instagram", announcing a new variety of chocolate with the taste of cockroaches, so it became clear later that the matter was just a joke.

  • In fact, not only have insects been used in chocolate products for a long time, few have noticed that as early as 2021 an EU regulation came into effect, allowing locusts and worms to be used in food.

  • For example, the red dye from lice has long been used in confectionery products such as Troll's M&Ms and Sour Glowworms, as well as in cosmetics, and is listed as "cochineal" or "E 120" in the ingredients list.

  • The process of extracting the cochineal color from the lice is causing blood in the eyes of animal rights activists, as the pregnant lice are first dried and then boiled. And the dye obtained from it is in no way vegetable.


♬ Дикая львица - ALEX&RUS

  • This substance is used in the food industry, for example in Kinder Schoko Bons (Ferrero) and in colored cocoa beans (Milka).

  • In the list of ingredients, the substance is often hidden behind the designation "E 904". It is obtained from the secretions of shellac insects.

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