The Dutch seismologist strikes again with his terrifying predictions: I warned you hours before


"You shouldn't trust me to offer predictions for a nation or a city. I've already stated that I'm not a prophet."

Controversial Dutch seismologist Frank Hogrebits tweeted, on Monday evening, minutes after the new Turkish earthquake, with a tweet drawing the attention of his followers to his tweet yesterday, in which he predicted new tremors in the region about 24 hours before they occurred.

The Dutch seismologist strikes again with his terrifying predictions

He republished his authority's forecast, which read: "Stronger seismic activity (compiled) may occur around February 20-22, likely to peak on the 22nd." He commented, "Yesterday's newsletter, in case you didn't see it."

The Dutch scientist, who predicted the devastating earthquake in Turkey three days before it occurred, said two days ago on his Twitter account: "Do not expect me to make predictions for a country or a city. As I said before, I am not a prophet."

He added, "I keep getting questions. Our latest estimates are on the website. If we have new information to share, we will share it."

And the scientist Frank Hogrebits, who predicted the occurrence of the earthquake in Turkey 3 days before it occurred at dawn on Monday, February 6, 55, appeared in a video broadcast on “YouTube” four days after the disaster occurred in Turkey, in which he expected a strong tremor, and he also talked about the possibility of an earthquake. An earthquake involving Egypt and Lebanon sparked widespread controversy in the region.

Regarding the possibility of an earthquake in Egypt and Lebanon, Hogrebits said in the video: “Yes, because this area is subject to seismic activity, but we cannot be certain, based on seismic activity, whether it will occur next week or in the next five or ten years (..) since Predicting the date of an earthquake is impossible, we use the location of the moon and possible weather fluctuations."

And the Turkish Anadolu Agency published the first horrific moments, in which the earthquake struck the Turkish state of Hatay on Monday evening.

The video showed the panic of residents during the earthquake, which was documented by a camera in the street, which showed a strong shaking of a large car, as well as the shaking of a lighting pole.

And Anatolia Agency indicated that these are the first snapshots of the earthquake that struck Turkey on Monday evening, and it came with a magnitude of 6.4 on the Richter scale.

It is noteworthy that he reported hearing the sound of buildings collapsing in Antakya, the state capital of Hatay, which sustained significant damage in the recent earthquake that shook the area.

The people of Cairo, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine all felt the effects of the earthquake that hit Antioch.

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