Mexico announces the establishment of Tesla, the largest factory in the world, on its territory


The Mexican government announced that Tesla, a leading manufacturer of electric cars, will invest in Mexico about "five billion dollars" to build its "largest factory" in the world.

"We have attracted nearly $5 billion in investment to Mexico to build the world's largest factory for electric cars," said Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Martha Delgado in a video posted on Twitter.

"After 14 months of hard work, this investment was realized... We will keep working "She went on to say.

Mexico announces the establishment of Tesla, the largest factory in the world

  • "I'm going to Austin, Texas, to attend Elon Musk's announcement of (the company's) 2023 investments," Delgado said in a text that accompanied the video of her at Mexico City International Airport.

  • Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had announced earlier that the factory would be located in Monterrey, in the north of the country, near the border with the United States.

  • "It will mean a huge investment and lots and lots of jobs," Lopez Obrador said, adding that the company would provide further details.

  • And the left-wing president added, "I want to thank Elon Musk because he was very respectful and very caring," explaining that he spoke twice with the CEO of Tesla.

  • Monterrey, located just over 200 kilometers from the US border, is one of Mexico's economic and industrial engines.

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